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Long-eared Owl, Thomas Bewick
Long-eared Owl, Thomas Bewick
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4/22/2012 Two More New Books for Spring

Bird Sense, subtitled "What It's Like To Be a Bird", by Tim Birkhead, has chapters on Hearing, Seeing, Touch, Taste, Smell, Magnetic Sense and Emotions and there's a jaw-dropping surprise on practically every page. Highly entertaining and informative. Guardian review

Boreal Birds of North America , is more academic, being a collection of articles by a variety of authors discussing various aspects of ornithology relating to boreal species. Lots of charts and tables describing the particular problems these species face.

11/21/09 Screensaver TimeWaster
On a Mac one can "create" a screensaver from a directory of images, optionally displaying them as a continuously changing mosaic. An example, using images from Barry Kent Mackay, is shown below. It's a little rough; looks best in HighQuality and full screen.
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